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Kristy is a makeup artist located in the Seaford area, Melbourne. She works alongside her clients to make sure they get the best look for any event they are getting ready for. 

It doesn’t matter if it’s for a wedding, formal, a special event, or just a fun night out — Kristy will make sure you get your makeup done to look beautiful. Always endeavouring to achieve a long lasting look that will see you through your event, Kristy has your colour match down to a tee.

Kristy’s focus is on making your ideas into a reality. Whether it’s soft or sophisticated, Kristy will make your look something uniquely stunning and represent you as a person.

Kristy’s kit is equipped with a wide range of products to suit many skin types, ages and styles. Always working towards an appropriate look for you and your event. Contact KiKi-J today to find out more.




Kristy’s perspective on makeup application is from many years of study and practical experience. 

She will work with you to achieve your desired outcome. Be it a super glammed up, show stopping look, or that no makeup super natural look you are going for. 


Makeup Artist Seaford


Kristy embraces her clients’ look and will work with them to create various finishes from clean, classic, natural, dramatic and also celebrity makeup styles. Her top priority is to ensure that all of her clients feel comfortable and an amazing end result.


Heading to a Hens? Fancy night out on the town? Formal? Social? Or just any excuse to get your makeup done by a professional? 

Get your glam party look happening! 

Maybe you wear makeup everyday, and just want to feel a little different with your look. Kristy has the answers. She is up with the latest looks and trends. Bring in a pic of what you’re thinking, or let Kristy run with some creativity to give your makeup a glammed up finish.


Glam Party Makeup


Are you someone who doesn’t wear much makeup on a day to day basis? This can make getting your makeup done professionally a little daunting. We hear you, and can give you that super natural look if that’s what you are going for.

When done correctly, the skin will appear flawless, natural and fresh all day long just like. It’s makeup that looks amazing and undetectable in photographs. ​It’s a natural look that looks beautiful in person and in front of the camera.


Bridal Wedding Melbourne Makeup



It’s so important for the bride to look and feel her best on the big day. Kristy will help you achieve a look that will last the distance. Wedding makeup requires a specialist who knows the most suitable products for your skin type, so you look amazing and feel your best.

Kristy is a renowned makeup artist in Melbourne who can help you achieve a beautiful look that will last you all day and well into the night.


Makeup - Wedding


Kristy works with many different products to achieve a long lasting look and she will do a makeup trial with you beforehand to find out your skin type and preferences. 

She has a wide range of products to choose from and will have everything perfect for your special day.

Selecting a makeup artist can be a big decision for many brides. Make an informed decision to hire a seasoned and experienced makeup artist.

Contact Kristy to find out more



On your wedding day Kristy will come to you. Offering this service eliminates the stress of having to go to the salon on your wedding day. 

Whether you’re going for a more traditional look or something more dramatic, this is the perfect opportunity for you to look your best, and take out the stress. 

Cost dependant on amount of travel from Seaford


Before your big day it’s a great idea to have a make up trial. Trials are from Kristy’s studio in Seaford. 

Makeup trials are $140 in studio (inclusive of false lash application)


Need the whole bridal party, mums and special friends included on the day? Not a problem. 

Make sure you let Kristy know before hand how many people will be needing makeup done to allow for sufficient time.

Makeup $140 in studio per person (inclusive of false lash application)

Makeup - Group Wedding





Incorporating professional grade products like Kryolan to always offer her clients the very best results.

Comfortable clothing, preferable a loose necked top or one with a zip down the front. No makeup on. Washed face. Light moisturiser.

Wear some comfortable clothing. A button up shirt is a great idea, so then you don’t need to pull your top over your makeup when you are getting dressed later.

The night before a big event make sure you don’t do anything out of the usual. Eg. Don’t try that new facemask that you have never used before. You could do a hydrating routine, if this is something you normally do.

All day and all night. Speak to Kristy about tips for prolonging your look.

Make sure you have a makeup remover at home for after you event. Use cotton pads along with the remover. Or you could buy special disposable make up remover pads to use along with the makeup remover. Reusable, washable makeup remover pads are also a more environmentally friendly option. It is also of great importance to properly clean the skin after makeup removal to ensure all traces are clear from the skin allowing you to look fresh in the morning. Using an appropriate cleanser and moisturiser will help breathe life back into your skin after a big day

Kristy will consult with you thoroughly at the beginning before any makeup is applied to get a vision of the look you are wanting. At certain points in the application, Kristy will check with you as to how you are feeling about your makeup. If you aren’t liking something, just say – much easier to say something at the start if you aren’t feeling the vibe. A good idea is to also bring a pic along of what you are thinking, so then Kristy can get a 100% feel for what you are thinking. But never be afraid to tell Kristy if you are wanting more or less, there is nothing we hate more than a disappointed client.

Please allow 1-1.5 hrs for your makeup application.

Yes, Kristy is an experienced makeup artist so has worked with many skin types. She can colour match and works in corrective techniques. If you are concerned about something, please feel free to reach out beforehand and ask.



31A Weatherston Rd, Seaford, Victoria


Kristy Jones
0401 825 643

Operating Hours

Monday 9.30am-5pm
Wednesday 9.30am-4.30pm and 6.30pm-10.30pm
Thursday 9.30am-3pm and 6.30pm-10.30pm

Makeup appointments available outside displayed hours upon request. Please fill out a Makeup Enquiry and we will get back to you in a timely manner.

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