Are you ready to take a step back from face-paced life and unwind with a much needed massage? At KiKi-J Beauty, Kirsty will perform a relaxing massage using smooth, gliding movements to help you unwind. Kristy moves at a slower pace and uses light to medium pressure, to provide a soothing and calming experience.





A neutral scented oil is applied to assist in the flow of the massage, and hot towels are used throughout the treatment to relax the muscles and remove the oils. An unscented oil is also used to ensure the client will not feel like they are being overpowered with a particular scent, which in turn allows for the massage therapist to apply a proper amount of pressure to points of tension.

Each massage is customised to the clients’ needs and preferences, to give you the most relaxing experience with you floating out the door in bliss.

A relaxation massage is a perfect experience in conjunction with one of the many other treatments that are available at KiKi-J Beauty, or as an opportunity to rest in a tranquil environment and have the weight lifted from your shoulders as the magic is worked.


30 Minutes60 Minutes90 Minutes
Pure Indulgence Package (1 hr 45 min)
$210 (includes 45 min massage, 45 min facial and foot treatment)
+ $39 for LED with any massage





A relaxation massage is achieved by using the hands of the therapist in a gentle manner over the skin, following the muscle contours (soft tissues) of the body.

Gentle kneading will produce many benefits to your overall health and wellbeing. It is a treatment designed to advance relaxation and soothe, not to relieve chronic pain or other underlying conditions – but relieving stress often helps with different medical conditions.

Massage therapy is an ancient medical practice that has been around for thousands of years. While science and research have contributed to the practice a great deal, massage therapy remains an art form.

Massage is a form of physical therapy and is a holistic treatment for the whole body, and it can reduce swelling, increase joint mobility and improve immune response. It also has a way of coaxing out your deepest muscle tension and easing pain.

Incorporating massage into your regular routine can improve your overall health.


IMPROVED CIRCULATION: A relaxation massage alleviates the tension in the muscles, and allows for fresh blood to circulate with the massage technique. The release of the tension within the muscles results in improved circulation throughout the body, which in turn assists with circulation and stress related health symptoms.

RELIEF OF MUSCLE TENSION/PAIN: Our muscles become tight over time, whether it be from stress, exercise, or subpar posture while sitting, driving or working (especially when working from home). As with the improvement of circulation, the massage technique allows for the muscles to be relieved with the use of kneading and stroking movements on the muscle fibres, which improves blood flow and removes the lactic acid build for improved recovery time. Other benefits include the reduction of inflammation in the body, pain and discomfort, and fatigue.

IMPROVED SLEEP: Relaxation Massages can help you get to sleep quickly, sleep deeply, and stay asleep longer so that you wake up more fully rested. Not only does massage relieve a person from postural stress and pain but it also helps the body enter a state of deep rest by itself. Imagine your entire body relaxing as well as your mind!

STRESS RELIEF: Massage therapy is a common practice that’s often used to relieve the stress and anxiety of individuals. This stress relief technique has been shown to provide essential health benefits for both physical and psychological health. While massage therapists know from experience and scientific evidence that massage can reduce stress, there are many researchers and researchers who have successfully confirmed this in various studies.

ELEVATED IMMUNE RESPONSE: As the massage reduces bodily stress, which can reduce stress hormones, the body is able to naturally target its immune response more efficiently. As a result, it’s capable of protecting itself against disease and infection.





The use of therapeutic massage is also said to contribute to a sense of wellness, improved relaxation and better sleep. However, certain techniques and trigger points in the body are likely to cause contractions and premature labor so it’s vital that you make sure you have sought expert advice when getting treatment.

Wear loose and comfortable clothing, and undress to your comfort. Ideally bra off and underwear on. Towels will be covering you throughout the massage.

It’s recommended to avoid the below prior to a massage, to maximise the relaxation and comfort during the massage:

  • Caffeine Consumption: Too much caffeine may cause you to be more anxious or energetic, and may disrupt the relaxation the massage provides.
  • Sunburns: Australia has a strong sun, so it’s best to avoid a sunburn prior to a massage, as it might be less comfortable in the affected areas.
  • Applying Lotions and/or Oils: The masseuse will apply the neutral oil during the massage, so there is no need to apply personal products that may interfere with the massage oil.
  • Avoid not going to the Bathroom: A full bladder will occupy your mind and take away from the luxury of the massage, so if you need to go, go!

To best enhance the results of the massage, it is recommended to try to actively follow the below tips:

  • Hydrate: Hydration is a pinnacle factor for peak health, and post a massage it’s vital to ensure you drink adequate water to replenish your body and flush out any toxins released in the process of the muscle release.
  • Stretch: Post-massage, you should now begin to extend your muscles by stretching. It essentially aligns your muscle fibres and improves muscle recovery. Stretching also trains your nervous system (the main determinator when it comes to flexibility), which significantly improves overall flexibility.
  • Relax: The purpose of the relaxation massage is to rest and reset your body and mind. Listen to your body and bask in the post-massage glow with some me-time.

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