Eyes, as they say, are the windows to your soul, and your eyelashes can make a huge impact on your overall look.

Do you desire beautiful lashes, without the hassle of eyelash curlers, fake eyelashes or mascara? KiKi-J Beauty can help. Kristy has the skills to accentuate your lashes to give you a natural, yet glam look.

With KiKi-J Beauty’s lash lifts, lash boosts and tints, and the lash products from Elleebana, you will look in the mirror at your stunning eyes and feel more confident in your own skin. Our lash lifts and tints help to beautify the eyes and enhance your natural beauty, and you can feel better – with minimal effort!

KiKi-J Beauty uses products by the Australian owned and operated company Elleebana. Elleebana’s range is used worldwide and are considered as some of the best lash products in the industry.

Lash lifts, tints and boosts are a natural, safe and effective way to emphasise your eyelashes, with no effort, so come into the studio to see how you too can achieve this natural beauty look. 


KiKi-J Beauty offers the Lash Lift & Tint, and the Lash Boost.

Lash lifts are the best way to lift your natural lashes to their maximum length, and their fullest thickness. Our lash lift technicians use the best and safest lash products, which means your lashes will grow safe and beautiful.

A Lash Lift is an easy way to improve the look and feel of your natural lashes. Lash Lifts are a great addition to any beauty regiment and are suitable for all ages. If you’re interested in getting a lash lift, please contact our professionals at Lash Lift Seaford today!






A lash lift is a procedure that curls and changes the shape of your natural eyelashes from the base to the tip so you can see the full length of your lashes, making them appear longer.

We add a complementary treatment and tint to strengthen the lashes, that increases the depth of the lash colour for a bolder look.

This process takes up to 1 hour.

The end result is more than a dollop of mascara. That is because lash lifts contain no chemicals, unlike most of the mascaras or products you might normally apply on your lashes during the day to make them look longer, thicker and fuller.

Instead, the hairs with this treatment are lifted from the roots so they appear lush and strong on the ends. This gives you the appearance of fuller eyelashes, even when wearing no mascara or false eyelashes.


Lash tinting is perfect for those who want to highlight their eyes without having to use mascara. Tinting is also great for people who have lighter coloured eyelashes, as it will darken them and make them stand out, or for people who aren’t comfortable with wearing mascara on a daily basis.

Lash tinting is also a great treatment to do before an event, such as a wedding, as it will give you thicker and darker lashes.


Lash boosts start with a lash tint and a nourishing treatment to hydrate your lashes and encourage growth. We use collagen eye pads to enhance the under eye area, and you can relax with a head massage to help you unwind, while the eye pads are in place.

The treatment is finished with a lash blow wave, which helps to style and enhance the lashes. This treatment is ideal for people with light coloured lashes, or for clients between who are between lash lifts to re-hydrate and nourish the lashes while giving them a new life between lifts.


A treatment to naturally extend and curl your lashes, to give you a natural look of wearing mascara. A lash tint, on the other hand, will darken and highlight your natural lash colour, for a more defined look.


A treatment to nourish and tint your lashes, which can be used for light coloured lashes, or a treatment in between your regular lash lift appointments. The lash boost also comes with a collagen eye pad treatment, and a head massage while the eye pads are set.


Lash Lift, Tint & TreatmentLash Boost





A lash lift is a semi-permanent treatment that enhances your natural lashes, making them appear fuller and longer, creating a more prominent lash line for a more striking look.

Using the Elleebana range, a lash lift uses silicone rods combined with a lifting lotion to enhance the fullness and lengthening capabilities of your natural lash look, by lifting your natural lashes up.

A lash tint is an eyelash enhancement service, that adds a rich color to your lash line as well as frames your facial features in a way that makes it seem like you are wearing mascara.

Elleebana does not use Cyanoacrylate in their lash lift adhesives, which is the main cause of reactions while getting a lift or lash extensions. There is a very low chance of a reaction however if you have extreme sensitivity, please request a patch test prior.

A lash tint lasts approximately 1 month and a lash lift can last between 4-6 weeks, depending on your lashes and how you care for your lashes.

Yes, you can apply regular mascara 24 hours after your lash lift or, you can use the Elleebana Elleevate Mascara immediately after getting your lash lift done.

Please note, you should always replace your mascara after 3 months of use, to avoid bacterial growth that may infect your lashes or eyes.


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